Who's Who. An Interview with Predominantly Blacks' Creator Mya

Who's Who.  An Interview with Predominantly Blacks' Creator Mya

Predominantly Black--a brand, a general style rule, a way of life. Bringing the brand and monochromatism to the forefront in a big way is PB owner and creator, Mya Jeannine Sinquefield. We caught up with Mya and picked her brain about the inspiration behind Predominantly Black, as well some of the challenges she's faced in developing the brand. In addition to chatting about PB, we also learned some little known facts about Mya and her life.

Check out the full interview below:

1. When did you start Predominantly Black? How did the idea come to you?

I started Predominantly Black in 2015, because surprisingly enough I don’t like shopping in person, However, I love online shopping. It didn’t take me long to realize most online stores aren’t niche stores, they were mass marketed and fast fashion. I wanted to shop at the opposite of that, so I created it.

2. Who is the PB customer? What do they do, where do they live? What are some of their hobbies or ideals?

I think the PB person is somewhat of a minimalist, but a bit extravagant at the same time. I like to call it 'doing the most by not doing much at all.' They enjoy art, either as a hobby or a career. They take pride in their wardrobe, not only how it looks but how it’s made. More than anything, they're not bound by identity; the possibilities to who they could really be are endless!

3. What has been the most challenging part of PB? Why?

Being black on the ownership side of the fashion industry has definitely presented some serious challenges. Keeping a cool head when people react negatively to that has definitely been one of the hardest parts.

4. Outside of PB, how do you tend to occupy your time?

If I am not curating for the store, I’m either watching indie films, reading, or dancing. Mostly dancing.

5. After black, which the colors do you wear most?

White and royal blue. I’ve just recently learned how to make it through the day spot-free while wearing white. [laughs]

6. Where do you see PB in 5 years? What about yourself?

I see PB continuing to thrive and expanding to include with our own line of clothing, in addition to growing the selection of items created by other designers. And myself? Still growing, still creating.

-Chinwe Okona

Check out some of Predominantly Black's current collections here: https://www.predominantlyblack.com/collections.

For more Predominately Black lifestyle content, follow us on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/predominantlyblack/

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