A Smudge Wand - EXTRA Large

A Smudge Wand - EXTRA Large


Carefully and thoughtfully handmade by Earth Friendly Goods in Ohio. Her herbal smudge sticks are handmade with plants and herbs that are grown on her farm or locally sourced. Everything she grows is sustainably hand foraged. Each wand is  tied with either hemp or bamboo twine.

Each wand contains cedar, pine, sage, lavender, rose petals, asters, spruce, sunflower, red clover, and juniper.

Smudging has been used for many years by many different cultures as a way to clear spaces and people of negative energy. It is also commonly used in meditation or for protection. Science has shown that herbal smudging cleans the air of bacteria and contaminates.

Listing is for one bundle that is approximately 7-9 inches long and contains some or all of the following (dependent on the time of year and availability):

Red Cedar (Juniper) - attracts good spirits, purifying, protection

Spruce (Blue, Norwegian) - welcoming scent, cleansing, healing, strength, serenity

Willow - growth, regeneration, healing, protection

Lavender - clear thinking, relaxation, focus

Sage - clearing, purifying, cleanses space of negative energy

Pine - peace, cleansing, draws things out (including pain)

Asters - awakening

Rose - unconditional love, wisdom

Catmint - love, beauty, happiness

Red Clover - love, protection, animal blessing

Rudbeckia - healing, grounding, releasing

Sunflower - happiness, loyalty, warmth

Zinnia - friendship, affection, adventure, joy

To use an herbal smudge stick - light the end and let the flame go out. Use the remaining smoldering smoke to wash over your space including windows and doorways, any person you'd like cleansed including yourself, and the air. As you allow the smoke to wash what's desired, set your intention - it may be simply to cleanse the air or drive out negative energies. Do not blow on the smoke, but instead use your hand to wave the smoke in the direction you choose. Let the stick go out on its own or use a heatproof surface to stamp it out. Abalone shells are commonly used for this or a glass bowl.

*Never leave a burning wand unattended. We do not guarantee any specific results with the use of this product.