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Zoom Halloween Bundle
Zoom Halloween Bundle
Zoom Halloween Bundle

Halloween Bundle

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Enjoy all 4 AMAZING Halloween candles at a discounted price.


A luxurious twist on the nostalgic scent of roasting marshmallows fireside. 

This sugared vanilla creation is blended with velvet woods and hints of spice for nostalgic appeal. A warm, sweet accord of musky amber adds luxurious texture.

Top: Spice
Middle: Velvet Woods
Base: Sugared Vanilla Bean, Musk, Golden Amber


Who needs to know how to bake anyway? Create the illusion of fall baked goods with the scent of Deathly Donuts. Apple cider that blends with a fried donut and has a spicy cinnamon accord which rests on a sweet, sugary vanilla base with tonka bean and musk. YUM.

Top: Butter, Orange Peel
Middle: Pumpkin
Base: Caramel, Maple, Pecan, Vanilla Musks


Sunday Mourning, smells like the Sunday Morning of your DREAMS. Autumn festivals, pumpkin carving, and bonfires. Toasty top notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove give way to middle accords of silky buttercream and pumpkin. A base of smoked embers and vanilla gives this scent a warm twist on a classic fall fragrance.

Top: Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
Middle: Pumpkin, Buttercream
Base: Smoke, Vanilla


Three words: Warm - Pumpkin - Waffles

Top: Butter
Middle: Cinnamon, Apple, Cherry
Base: Vanilla, Musk, Maple Syrup 

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Halloween Bundle

$25.00 Regular price $60.00